Environmental & Sustainability Policy

As the largest leisure vehicle manufacturer in the UK, we're committed to playing our part in the fight against climate change and embedding sustainability and efficient practices within every area of our operations. We're dedicated to minimising the potential impacts of our operations on the natural environment, supporting the local community around us and prioritise the well-being of our stakeholders.

Energy efficiency

The Swift Approach

We have a commitment to 100% renewable electricity used for our onsite operations as well as:

  • Analysis of energy consumption and efficiency prior to purchasing of new machinery
  • Undertake regular energy usage reviews and form reduction strategies
  • Research and investment in new technologies offering reductions in energy consumption

Waste reduction and recycling

  • Embedded use of the Waste Hierarchy (a conceptual framework designed to guide and rank waste management) in order to minimise waste production
  • Minimisation of waste generation through efficient production processes, recycling initiatives, and responsible disposal practices
  • Encouraging the reuse of materials, where possible, in production processes and exploring partnerships for recycling and waste reduction programmes
  • Promoting the use of recycled and recyclable materials

Materials and production

Investing for the future

Promotion of sustainable materials in production processes through sustainable supply chain procedures and supplier sustainability auditing. We also promote:

  • Research of alternative materials with lower environmental impacts
  • Optimisation of in-house production processes to minimise waste and energy consumption

Supply chain integration

  • Collaborate with suppliers who share commitments to sustainability, emphasising responsible sourcing and ethical practices
  • Continuously assess and improve the environmental and social impacts of the supply chain, ensuring alignment with Swift Group values
  • Responsible Procurement Policy and Sustainability auditing for suppliers

Community and employee wellbeing

Swift in the community

We aim to be a part of the local community, recognising our importance as a major employer within the region to the financial wellbeing of individuals, families and the wider community.

  • Engagement with local communities to understand and address local environmental concerns in the surrounding areas of operations
  • Supporting community initiatives and programmes that promote sustainability, contributing to the well-being of local people and businesses

Employee training

  • Providing training programmes for employees to enhance and continuously develop the skills of staff on a range of subjects, including sustainable working practices
  • Promoting a safe and healthy work environment, emphasizing the importance of employee well-being


Pollution reduction

We are actively reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by committing to:

  • All Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions are published in annual accounts and methods to reduce these emissions are being investigated and implemented
  • Carbon lifecycle assessment in progress to measure the full extent of all greenhouse gas emissions produced by company operations. Once benchmarked, this data will then be used to set targets on CO2 reduction and implement methods to reduce emissions

Minimisation of pollution

  • Appropriate control measures in place to minimise the disruption to the local area through pollution sources such as lighting, operational noise, emissions to the air, local watercourses and manufacturing odours
  • Full compliance of environmental permits

Green innovation

Environmental Impact

  • Development of eco-friendly products
  • Research and investment in aerodynamics to improve vehicle efficiency providing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustainability focused design process aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of products
  • Fostering a culture within the organisation to encourage employees to contribute ideas for reducing environmental impact

Protection of biodiversity

  • Regular site surveys carried out to ensure work processes and planned works do not interfere with natural ecosystems in the local area
  • Continued planting of native trees and shrubs on site to promote local biodiversity

Regulatory compliance and reporting

COmpliance and reporting

We assure adherence to all relevant environmental regulations, striving for excellence in compliance:

  • Implementation of an Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001
  • Regularly monitor, evaluate, and transparently report our sustainability performance to stakeholders

This Environmental and Sustainability Policy applies to Swift Leisure Holdings Limited and its trading subsidiary companies; Swift Acquisitions Ltd, Swift Group Ltd and Burstwick Freight Services Ltd, collectively referred to as the Swift Group. It covers all Swift Group employees wherever they work, it does not apply to sites not controlled by the Swift Group.