What touring caravans will fit on my drive?


Parking your caravan on your driveway can be a practical and convenient choice, allowing for greater ease of loading and unloading and eliminating storage costs.

Caravan on a driveway

To determine if your preferred caravan will fit on your driveway, you’ll need to consider the dimensions of your drive and caravan, plus any existing vehicles that also park on your drive.

Here are some steps you can take:

Measure your driveway
Measure the length, width, and height (if required) of your driveway. Consider any obstacles such as gates, posts, or walls that may affect the available space.

Research caravan dimensions
Look up the dimensions of the caravans you are interested in. Manufacturers typically provide a product specification that includes the length, width and height of caravans.

Consider tow vehicle dimensions
If you already have a tow vehicle, consider its dimensions as well, especially the length with the caravan hitched.

Check for local regulations
Some areas may have regulations or restrictions on parking or storing caravans, so it’s important to check with your local authority to ensure compliance.

Jo Mitchell

"Leaving space around the caravan facilitates access to doors, storage compartments, and utility hook-ups. It enables you to comfortably open doors, or access external equipment without obstruction."

Jo Mitchell, Marketing Director at Swift

Consider the turning radius and manoeuvrability of your tow vehicle and caravan, to ensure that you have enough space to safely manoeuvre the caravan into and out of your driveway.

Account for space around the caravan
It's not just about fitting the caravan on the driveway; you also need space around it for safe and easy access. Consider what space you need for opening doors, accessing storage compartments, or performing maintenance.

Consult with dealership
Contact your local dealership for specific advice on your preferred caravan, they can provide information on the dimensions and any additional recommendations.

Family in a caravan

Which Swift caravans will fit on your drive?

According to Refurbb, the trade quote comparison website, the average dimensions of a private parking space in the UK are a minimum width of 3m, that’s for a single car and without any variations like disabled access.

However, driveways are all different sizes so it’s important to measure your space correctly before investing in your touring caravan. The table below demonstrates the length and width of all our Swift ranges, so you’ll know which model will suit your space.

But remember that it's not only about fitting the caravan on your driveway but also about ensuring that you can safely and comfortably manoeuvre it in and out of the space, plus access space for opening doors, storage compartments and for maintenance.

Swift caravan range Model Length (m) Width (m)
Sprite Compact Compact 5.37m 2.03m
Sprite Alpine 2 6.05m 2.25m
Alpine 4 6.45m
Major 4 SB 7.54m
Major 4 EB 7.54m
Major 6 TD 7.54m
Quattro EW 7.98m
Quattro FB 7.98m
Sprite Grande Major 4 SB 7.54m 2.46m
Quattro EB 7.98m
Quattro FB 7.98m
Quattro DB 7.98m
Challenger SE 480 SE 6.68m 2.28m
560 SE 7.63m
580 SE 7.63m
650 SE 7.98m
Challenger Grande SE 560L SE 7.63m 2.45m
580 SE 7.63m
635 SE 7.98m
650L SE 7.98m
670 SE 7.98m
Challenger Exclusive 480 6.68m 2.28m
560 7.63m
580 7.63m
650 7.98m
Challenger Grande Exclusive 560L 7.63m 2.45m
580 7.63m
635 7.98m
650L 7.98m
670 7.98m
Elegance Grande 760 7.57m 2.45m
780 7.57m
835 7.98m
845 7.98m
850 7.98m
860 7.98m
Basecamp 2 5.1m 2.28m
3 5.59m
4 5.59m


In summary, parking your caravan on your driveway can be a practical and cost efficient choice. But before you invest in a new caravan, measure up your drive carefully against the vehicle dimensions, whilst considering other factors such as local regulations, good manoeuvrability and enough space for safe and easy access.

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