The most useful accessories for a touring caravan


When outfitting your touring caravan for your travels, there are several useful accessories to consider that can enhance your comfort, convenience, and safety on the road.

Here are some useful accessories for your touring caravan:

Cycle rack

Cycle rack on Swift caravan

A cycle rack is a device designed to securely attach bicycles to the exterior of a caravan for transportation. Caravans typically lack internal storage space for bicycles, making a cycle rack an essential accessory for cyclists who wish to bring their bikes along on their trips.

All Swift caravans* are fitted with Thule fixing bars for the optional Thule rear mounted cycle rack which can be purchased from your supplying dealer.

*Except Swift Basecamp - this range is designed for life’s adventurers and the front lounge seating lifts up to reveal floor-mounted anchor points to keep bikes and other large equipment secured during transit.

AL-KO ATC (Automatic Trailer Control)

AL-KO ATC is a safety device designed for caravans and trailers. It helps to prevent the trailer from swaying dangerously, which can occur due to factors such as strong winds, sudden steering manoeuvres, or uneven road surfaces. The system works by applying the trailer brakes independently if it detects sway, helping to stabilise the caravan/trailer and bring it back under control.

It can provide peace of mind by offering an additional layer of control over your caravan’s movements, especially in challenging driving conditions.

Swift Challenger SE, Challenger Exclusive and Elegance Grande ranges are all fitted with AL-KO ATC as standard, while this is an optional extra on the Swift Sprite range which can be purchased through your supplying dealer.

Roof mounted air conditioning unit

Roof-mounted air conditioning units are a popular choice for caravans, especially in regions with hot climates or for those who prefer a consistent and controlled indoor temperature while travelling.

As they are designed to sit on top of the caravan, the benefits include maximising interior space, cooling effectiveness, noise reduction, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Most Swift caravans can be fitted with a roof-mounted air conditioning unit.

Roof mounted solar panel

Solar panels mounted on the roof can continuously generate electricity during daylight hours, even while the caravan is on the move or parked. This provides a constant source of power for on-board appliances, lighting, and charging electronic devices, without the need to rely solely on grid power or a generator.

Many small to medium sized caravans have limited space, and mounting solar panels on the roof allows for efficient utilisation of available surface area.

Swift Basecamp, Challenger SE, Challenger Exclusive and Elegance Grande ranges are all fitted with a 100w lightweight solar panel as standard, and is an optional extra on the Swift Sprite range, which can be purchased through your supplying dealer.


Awning on a Swift Basecamp caravan

A caravan awning is a tent-like structure that attaches to the side of a caravan, extending the living space and providing additional shelter outdoors. Some awnings are designed for quick setup and takedown, while others are more permanent fixtures. Additionally, there are options such as porch awnings, full awnings, and drive-away awnings, catering to different camping scenarios.

They are valuable accessories for caravan owners looking to make the most of their outdoor camping experience.

A Vango AirBeam® awning has been exclusively designed for Swift Basecamp in complimentary colours as an optional extra.

AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock

The AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock provides a high level of security by locking the wheel onto the caravan's chassis, making it extremely difficult for thieves to tow or move the caravan without removing the lock. It’s made from high-strength steel, features a simple yet effective locking mechanism, and acts as a visual deterrent to potential thieves.

Swift Challenger SE, Challenger Exclusive and Elegance are all fitted with AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock as standard, while this is an optional extra on the Swift Sprite and Basecamp ranges which can be purchased through your supplying dealer.

Swift Command

Swift Command is a GPS-based tracking system and available on the Swift Basecamp, Challenger Exclusive and Elegance ranges. It alerts you when your vehicle needs attention, and allows you to remotely operate on-board systems from anywhere with an internet connection; control the master power, internal and external lighting and the heating system. It also monitors system levels, including water tank levels, battery voltages, temperature and humidity.

E&P hydraulic auto-levelling system

The E&P hydraulic auto-levelling system is a sophisticated hydraulic levelling system designed for motorhomes, campervans, and caravans. It offers an automated solution to level your vehicle quickly and accurately, enhancing stability and comfort during camping or parking.

The Swift Elegance Grande range can be fitted with an E&P levelling system as an optional extra.


A caravan alarm system is a security device designed to protect your caravan from theft, vandalism, and intrusions. When choosing a caravan alarm system, it's essential to consider factors such as the level of security needed, ease of installation, compatibility with the caravan's existing infrastructure, and budget. Additionally, opting for a system from a reputable manufacturer with a track record of reliability and customer support is advisable.

Swift Challenger SE, Challenger Exclusive and Elegance Grande ranges are all fitted with an infra-red alarm system with tilt sensor and key fob operation, while this is an optional extra on the Swift Sprite and Basecamp ranges.

Jo Mitchell

"Choosing useful accessories for your touring caravan can greatly enhance your comfort and safety on your travels but remember to consider the size and weight of accessories, as well as your caravan's specifications, to ensure they are compatible and won't overload your vehicle."

Jo Mitchell, Marketing Director at Swift

Towing mirrors

Towing mirrors are popular accessories to ensure safe and legal towing. They provide improved visibility of the road behind the caravan, including blind spots to allow the driver to monitor traffic and manoeuvre safely. It's important to select the right mirrors for your vehicle and towing setup and ensure that they are properly installed and adjusted before setting off on your journey.

Portable BBQ or grill

BBQs are a popular choice to enjoy outdoor meals wherever your caravan adventures take you. There are a number of multiple fuel types to choose from, such as gas, electric, charcoal and wood pellets.

Regardless of the type of portable BBQ or grill you choose for your caravan, be sure to prioritise safety and convenience. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembly, operation, and maintenance, and always use your BBQ or grill in a well-ventilated outdoor area away from flammable materials.

Swift Basecamp, Challenger SE, Challenger Exclusive and Elegance Grande ranges are all fitted with external gas BBQ points, while this is an optional extra on the Swift Sprite range.

Electric hook-up cable

Electrical hook-up to a caravan

An electric hook-up cable, also known as a mains hook-up cable or EHU (Electric Hook-Up), is an essential accessory for caravan owners who want to connect their vehicle to an electrical power supply at campsites and caravan parks. By providing access to electrical power, it enables occupants to use appliances and amenities inside the vehicle, without draining the on-board battery or relying on alternative power sources.

Every Swift caravan is supplied with an electric hook-up cable.

Gas bottles and regulators

Gas bottles and regulators are essential components of a caravan's gas system, providing the fuel needed for cooking, heating, and powering appliances. There are two main types of bottles used in caravans, propane and butane, and they come in different sizes and capacities.

A gas regulator is a device that regulates the flow of gas from the gas bottle to the caravan's appliances at a safe and consistent pressure. Regulators typically connect directly to the gas bottle and have an outlet connection for attaching gas hoses.

All Swift caravans* are fitted with a wide or extra wide gas locker door to allow for the fitting of two full-size gas bottles with ease, while still leaving room for storing an entrance step and other utilities.

*Sprite Compact comfortably fits one full size gas bottle along with the entrance step and other utilities.

Caravan cover

A caravan cover is a protective covering designed to shield a caravan from the elements when it is not in use, such as during storage or when parked for an extended period. It’s an essential accessory for caravan owners who want to protect their investment and keep their vehicle looking its best for years to come.

When choosing a caravan cover, it's essential to select a high-quality cover that fits your caravan properly and provides the level of protection you need for your specific storage conditions.


In summary, this guide has detailed a number of useful caravan accessories to consider for enhanced comfort, convenience, safety, and functionality while on the road. The specific accessories needed will depend on individual preferences, travel plans, and the type of caravanning activities undertaken.

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