International Dealers

Swift Group have a number of formal contractual relationships with appointed Swift dealers internationally which are listed below. These dealers sell a variety of Swift products and enjoy the support and back-up of the Swift Group.

Buying a Swift Group vehicle outside of the UK

All Swift Group products and brands sold direct from our factory to Swift appointed European and International Dealers for onward sale within their respective countries fully complies with all the legal and technical requirements of that country, and thereby protects ourselves as manufacturers, our Dealers as retailers and our new and potential customers, who can then be reassured about the quality and legal compliance of the brand new product which they purchase from our official retailers.

Swift will discourage any UK retailer of our products from selling new UK product which is NOT therefore legally compliant for the European and/or International market to any unofficial retailers, and we also discourage any potential customers outside the UK from purchasing Swift Group product from anyone other than our official European and International Dealers – all of whom are listed on this website.

If Swift products are bought via a non-appointed dealer outside of the UK then no direct Warranty or support will be offered or provided in the event of an issue with the product.

Swift’s International dealership is growing substantially so if you are interested in becoming a European and/or International official Swift Group dealer then contact Swift on or call the office on (+44) 01482 847332.