Swift Group Warranties

Holiday Homes Warranty (Pre 2017 models)

All the illustrations and descriptive matter in this handbook are intended to give a general idea of the holiday home. Changing market and supply situations and our policy of continuous product development may prevent us from maintaining the exact specifications detailed in this handbook.

We therefore reserve the right to alter specifications as materials and conditions demand.

Your holiday home is manufactured by Swift Group Limited ("Swift"). Dealers and/or park operators are not agents of Swift and have absolutely no authority to bind the manufacturer by any express or implied undertaking or representation.

Your holiday home has a 1 year SuperSure manufacturer’s warranty ("Warranty"). During the Warranty Period, subject to the conditions, terms and exclusions set out in this section of the handbook, Swift will repair (or at its option, replace) any defective parts of the holiday home. Warranty Period means 12 months from the date of transfer of a new holiday home from an approved Swift Group Dealer or Park Operator to its first owner.


  1. You must transport and site your holiday home in accordance with either Swift's recommendations or the Code of Practice for the Transportation, Siting and Commissioning of Caravan Holiday Homes. Your Dealer or Park Operator can provide you with more information this code of practice. Swift will not be liable under this warranty for any damage or defect that arises from your failure to site your holiday home in accordance with Swift's recommendations or the Code of Practice for the Transportation, Siting and Commissioning of Caravan Holiday Homes.
  2. This warranty only applies to holiday homes purchased and sited in the UK.
  3. You must keep your holiday home in a good state of maintenance and repair. Swift will not be liable for any defect caused by any negligence, misuse or modification of the holiday home.
  4. All new holiday homes must be registered with Swift within 6 weeks of purchase as new.
  5. The Holiday Home must not be used for permanent or residential use.
  6. The unit must be sited correctly on a recognised holiday site pitch.
  7. The cost of transporting or moving the holiday home by any means to or from the place of repair is the responsibility of the owner.
  8. Swift shall not be liable under this warranty for any defect related to or arising from the following:
    • The failure of a component for reasons of fair wear and tear;
    • Damage resulting from freezing, fire, over heating or accidents (whether caused by the user or a third party);
    • Damage as a result of failure to carry out normal or specific maintenance including, but not specific too, not draining down and winterizing the Holiday home.
    • Defect due to condensation, fungus, mildew and damp (other than as a result of a failure of a permanent seal or joint).
    • Misuse of any component;
    • Normal deterioration, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or harmful bodies, lack of servicing or negligence of any person other than Swift which causes stoppage of or impairment to the function of any component of the holiday home;
    • Replacement of parts which have reached the end of their effective working life because of age and/or usage;
    • Cleaning or adjustment of any assemblies;
    • Cosmetic finishes to kitchen sinks, sealants, cooker tops, vanity units, shower trays;
    • Routine maintenance items including lubricants, rubber gas hose, the cleaning of the heater and fridge flues, the replacement of gas jets, the resealing and/or replacement of shower room sealant, the adjustment and lubrication of locks;
    • Any breakage or failure of any windows, glass, tyres, fluorescent tubes, replacement light bulbs, spotlights, tap washers or thermocouples;
    • Any failure resulting from the use of a part or component in the holiday home which is not approved by Swift.

    Failure of any part or component, which is not original equipment, or a defect caused as a result of an unauthorized modification to the Holiday home.

  9. Swift shall not be liable under this Warranty if the holiday home has been neglected, misused, modified or used for hire or reward or if the identification marks (chassis/VIN numbers) have been removed or defaced. The holiday home will be deemed to have been neglected if it has not been maintained as stated in this handbook.

You have legal rights under UK law governing the sale of consumer goods. These warranties do not affect your legal rights.

To make a claim you must contact your supplying dealer or park operator.